enabling theatre


We are a West Yorkshire based group who use performance to explore issues which disable. Society labels those of us with physical or psychological impairments as “disabled”, thus preventing us achieving our aims and ambitions.

Using Augusto Boal's Forum Theatre system, we address everyday situations which disable people. We set up a scene in which a central character is frustrated and pose the question: "what would you do?". People are then invited to step into the character's shoes and perform their own ideas to try to find a resolution.

Visit our YouTube channel for some of our radio plays and videos. Please let us know what you would do in these situations. We are also interested in knowing what disabling experiences you have had, as we are always looking for ideas for new plays.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for news of forthcoming performances and events. Over the years we have run drama workshops at home in Hebden Bridge in Calderdale, and further afield, including Nepal and Austria. We have also operated under the name Enabling Radio Drama and have had a programme about us broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Augusto Boal wrote about his experiences of working with us in his book The Aesthetics of the Oppressed.

We are sponsored by the Arts Council and the Life Long Learning Programme The Lifelong Learning Programme The Arts Council